Jacob Austin is a twenty-nine year old young man that has been singing since about age 3.  Jacob became an active member of Brazos Valley TROUPE in the Bryan College Station area and began performing in public at the age of ten. Soon the director of TROUPE began to give Jacob solos in various productions. As Jacob got older he began to discover that he enjoyed singing and vocalized his desire to take voice lessons.  When Jacob was eleven he began voice instruction and continued for three years.  One day Jacob’s vocal coach informed him of an open audition for recording a children’s CD.  Jacob went to the audition (his first true audition) and found there were approximately fifty to sixty other young vocalists auditioning for six spaces.  At the end of the audition the director called six names and dismissed the rest.  Jacob’s was one of the names called.  The following week Jacob and the other five children went into a recording studio and worked very hard recording the CD, We Can, for Sopris West.  This was a very exciting time for him and his family.  
      Shortly, people from the community began requesting that he sing at different events in the area. The Pastor of his church invited him to sing at various functions as well as opening events with the Star Spangled Banner.  Jacob then took a year's rest from voice lessons while his voice underwent the “change”, and now, he is once again working with a voice teacher/coach to improve his vocal range after the "change."  Jacob also enjoys musical theater and has performed  in several productions at Unity Theatre in Brenham, Texas, and The Theatre Company in Bryan, Texas.  In 2009, he had the honor of playing mandolin in the The Theatre Company's production of Big River and in 2017 landed a small role as Hank and playing some music in the production again. 
     From singing karaoke style as a member of TROUPE, Jacob branched into "live music" forming a duet with his father, David (who was in a band back in the "old" days).  David plays the twelve and six string rhythm guitars and is learning the resonating guitar.  One thing led to another and the duo began to sing at Jamboree's, Opry's, churches, and Jubilee's around Texas.  Jacob picked up playing the mandolin, mountain dulcimer, guitar, and harmonica to add more texture to their sound.  During the summer of 2006 they recruited Mama Liz to join them playing the Autoharp, adding another dash of bluegrass flavor to the band's already classic sound.  Currently, The Jacob Austin Band continues to play all over the United States and they love to play traditional country, ballads, spiritual/traditional gospel music, oldies, and show tunes as well as some of their original material.
     Jacob has written several original songs and has co-written others with his father and mother, some of which are on the CD, Fresh Hay, released in June, 2008, available at our live performances, and through this website. The Jacob Austin Band released their second album, Renewed, on January 1, 2012 and are currently working on their third album.  It takes a while to get it all together and ready for our fans.
     The group has performed with or along side many well known acts such as Jim Ed Brown, Terry Smith, The Redhead Express, Bobby Awe, Jack Langley, Michael Martin Murphy, Matt Boone, etc.  
     In 2012 they were  recognized for several honors.  The group has been awarded Best Bluegrass Gospel Group by the Coastal Bend Gospel Music Association and Traditional Gospel CD of the Year by the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Jacob also placed first in the mandolin contest (twice) held at the National Traditional Country Music Festival in LeMars, IA and first again in 2014.
     David needs a page all to himself for his own biography but since Jacob, he, and Liz perform together they share this page.  David has done many things on his own but as part of this act he has mostly been an incredible source of support and information as well as a great musician and teacher.

Some fun personal facts:
Date of birth: April 21, 1989
Height: 6' 8" (there abouts and hopefully finished growing)
Family: Brother - 1, sister in law - 1, nieces - 2, nephews - 3, sisters - 2, brother in laws -1
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food:  Pizza, salad, salmon, and steak
Favorite video games:  Anything Mario Brothers,  007, Donkey Kong or Sims
Hobbies:  Singing, playing mandolin, harmonica, dulcimer,  writing songs, making his own jewelry, video games.
School:  Homeschooled, online college courses
Pets: Cats - Tippy, Sir Purrs A Lot, Kinky, and Norwall

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Jacob Austin

The Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, FL - March 2013.  We can't wait to go back!