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This page was last updated: March 7, 2018
Please don't forget to sign the Guestbook - you gotta go through the home page! 

June, 2015
Wow, time flies when you have all sorts of things going on.  We have been kept busy during our off time with many family events, not to mention some jams in the area, gigs, etc.  I'm learning to play the "blues" on the mandolin!  We are gearing up for our fall tour but still have quite a few open dates to fill along the way.  God willing we will get them filled!  The guys have been very busy working on new music and writing for the next CD, but no promises as to when that may be ready to record.

January, 2015
Where did this past year go?  We had not realized it has been over a year since anything was written here!  Well, so much has happened this past year there is no way to recapture it.  However, one of the major things that happened in 2014 was my dad made me a "cigar box mandolin".  We call it a "boxolin" and it sounds awesome and hope some of you will be able to hear it played at one of our shows!  We hope to get a picture of it on the site soon.  My dad worked really hard on it and his work is VERY appreciated.  The story behind it is too long to tell here but when I use it in a show the story is told.  

December, 2013
We can't believe it is almost Christmas again! Don't forget to keep CHRIST in Christmas and remember the reason for the season.  We have a month of several shows lined up and are looking forward to every one.  As Mom was working on the computer she was listening to the South Texas Gospel Music Association (STGMA) internet radio station and GUESS WHAT?  One of our songs was played on the air! That was very exciting!  We hope they will play our music more often!  If you would like to listen to the station go to:  http:/  and enjoy!  Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

October, 2013
 Well, here it is, the18th of October and still in Steelville, MO. We cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about the people in Steelville.  We had gone into the First Baptist Church of Steelville to attend a Sunday evening service and to meet the music director to talk to him about possibly lining up a concert while we were "stranded" .  Things went from there and we were offered a home (vacant of residents but with basic commodities) owned by one of the church members, to use while we were waiting for the RV to be fixed. The month we have been in residence at the home has flown by.

The people of the church made us feel so incredibly welcome and a part of their church family that we are going to be sad to leave Monday.  We have made some incredible friends while here and truly look forward to seeing them in the future.  This church made our being "stranded" into more of a "being home"  feeling.  If you are ever in Steelville you should stop by the first Baptist Church for a service! 

September, 2013
The road has been long and loads of fun!  So  many wonderful people to visit and meet.  We have truly enjoyed our journey thus far and are looking forward to many more.  At this time we are in Steelville, MO and have run into RV trouble.  The RV suspension on the right side has broken, from what who knows!  At this point the RV is not drivable and will take a while to fix; thus we will stay in Steelville for the duration.  The length of time will depend on availability of parts. Fortunately, our last booked gig was this weekend fairly close to Steelville but we are looking for other possibilities during our extended stay.

July, 2013
Well, we have had some time at home and now it is time to head back out on the road. Jacob spent the last few days at Student Life Church Camp in Denton, Tx as an adult counselor and had an amazing time.  We picked him up yesterday and have headed out west, then north.  

We had a lot to catch up on while we were at home so we have stayed very busy between that and performing.  It is very exciting to be on the road again (sounds like a song, doesn't it) and are truly looking forward to sharing our music ministry with others and meeting many new faces!  


April, 2013
Whew!  We are tired puppies!  However, we  had a  blast in Florida and are really looking forward to returning in 2014.  We made many new friends and got to play in all sorts of interesting places like Catfish Johnny's and the Orange Blossom Opry, not to mention all sorts of RV Parks/Resorts.  Now we get to play catch up at home and get ready for the fall tour to the Midwest.

By the way, many of you may remember us telling you about a Christian movie that we had the honor of being a part of that was filmed in 2011 (see Journal entry for July/August 2011) near the area we live in.  The film is finally ready for release this month!  You can get your own copy of INDESCRIBABLE (the story of the hymn The Love of God) at  We are hoping to have copies of the film available for purchase on our fall tour as well!

February, 2013
We have had a very busy January and February performing at RV Parks/Resorts in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.  It has been wonderful and we have gotten to see and visit with old friends and other musical families we have met in our travels.  In March we will be off to Florida for a few weeks to perform at a few venues but also to see about lining up more venues for our 2014 tour.

October, 2012
We had a wonderful time in Mountain View, AR this month. We went there with nothing on the agenda and ended up performing at least 2-3 times a day, in the parks, Senior Center, Gospel Opry, City Square, and so on. We had a blast and can't wait to go back and perform again at Jimmy Driftwood's Barn. Hope to see some of you there in 2013!

October 9, 2012
If you have never been to Branson, MO you should!  We have been here in the Branson area for a few days and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  We have seen a couple of shows - Joseph, SIX, Smoke on the Mountain, Grand Country Jubilee, and Dixie Stampede - all worth the time as well as visiting the Titanic museum!  Awesome shows and museum!  We also were privileged to be invited to play in the historic area of Branson at the Main Street Alley this past Saturday morning and at Skyline Baptist Church Sunday morning.

When you get to Branson we STRONGLY  recommend visiting Grandma Ruth's Cinnamon Rolls at the corner of Green Mountain Rd. and Hwy 165 - VERY DELICIOUS!  The family that run the shop are wonderful people - we know because we had the opportunity to get to know them pretty well during our stay.  Please take time to visit them!  

​September 26, 2012
We were invited to the Leeds Diner in Independence, MO by Ms. Esther, the owner.  If you want an incredibly delicious meal and are in the area - GO!  The food is good home cooking from scratch and is scrumptious! By far the best food we have had while on tour.  

September 12, 2012
We have had a very busy tour up here in the Heartland and have met some incredible people!  We have had spotty Internet in many places so we haven't been able to write as often as we would have liked. We received our award for the Traditional Gospel CD of the Year at LeMars and that was very exciting! Jacob also won first place in the mandolin contest there.  We got to go on a river boat on the Mississippi here in Hanibal, MO, AND Jacob got to play mandolin with L.A. Suess on the cruise.  It has been so awesome to see Lincoln's Home in Springfield and Mark Twain's boyhood home.  

June 6, 2012
We are VERY excited!  Our newest album, Unplugged-Renewed has been awarded the "Traditional Gospel CD of the Year" by the Rural Roots Music Commission, an affiliation of the National Traditional Country Music Association.  When we go to the LeMars Music Festival in August we will receive the award!  

April 30, 2012
News about our new gospel CD release, Renewed.  Bob Everhart has informed us that the CD has been nominated for best Traditional Gospel CD of the Year at the Rural Roots Music Commission for the Upper Midwest.  We'll see how that goes!  We will post the results here so keep checking back!  

March 9, 2012
Well, we didn't win the award for Best Trio but we were honored to have been nominated amongst the great talent in the Valley!  However, we did win the Best Bluegrass Gospel Band in Rockport!  We are honored to receive the award from the Coastal Bend Gospel music Association! Keep on checking the site to see if we will be near you sometime!  Thanks for your support!

February 9, 2012
This past week we were in the Rockport area of Texas doing several shows.  We had a great time and found out we are nominated for two awards!  One is for Best Bluegrass Gospel Band by the Coastal Bend Gospel Music Association and the other is for best trio in the Rio Grande Valley FAME (Families Advocating Moral Entertainment) Awards.  We won't know the results of the ballots for a while but the competition is pretty tough!  We have a busy week coming up next week with the Rio Grande Valley Music Festival and other shows to perform at but please keep checking the site to see if we will be near you!

January 1, 2012
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We want you to have a great 2012!  We will be very busy this year - at least through April.  We also want you to know that we now have the gospel CD, Renewed, ready for release!  It is available here on the web site and also where ever we are performing.  We hope to have it available through the digital stores soon as well. 

December 15, 2011
We want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  Please keep Christ in Christmas!  
We also want to let you  know we are VERY close to releasing our gospel CD.  The art work and master CD went to the duplicators today.  This means in a few short weeks we will have our new CD, Renewed, available for our fans.  The powers that be say we will have it by the beginnning of the year.  We are really excited!

November 18, 2011
We are SOOO excited!  We have been in the studio working on our gospel CD!  We have been making great progress and should be through in the next day or so.  We should be able to make the release date goal of the first of the year and, of course, it will be posted here on the web site as soon as it is available.  Thanks for all y'all's patience!

September 21, 2011
WooHoo!  The trailer for the movie, Indescribable, is finished and it is awesome!  Check it out at  Enjoy and hope you all will want to own a copy of the film!  

August 7, 2011
Well, the filming for Indescribable is done and - BOY!  What an experience!  That was great!  However, there were many, many long days in the triple digit heat but the cast and crew hung in there and accomplished a great movie.  Now the editing begins!  What a job.  
We are very excited to get started on our next venture.  We have been invited to participate in the National Old Time Music Festival in Iowa at the end of this month.  We are also working on our gospel CD and hope to have it done by the end of the year.  No prpomises but that's our goal!  It will be announced here on the web site as soon as it it is off the press! Of course, in between all that, we have our booked gigs!  We love staying busy.  See ya on down the road!

June 19, 2011
OK, here we are again!  An exciting few months have passed and I need to catch everyone up on the happenin's.  Somehow all three of us have been cast in a Christian film being shot in the Bryan College Station area.  It is called Indescribable and it should be a great family film.  The plot is about the man and his family that wrote the hymn The Love of God and you can see us perform the song on YouTube!  We are very excited about the project and are looking forward to the filming beginning next week.  We hope many of you will order a copy of the film for your personal library.  We will post the information on how to get a copy when we know more!  

March 8, 2011
Boy, have we been slackers in keeping this page up to date!  We spent 7 weeks on the road in the Rio Grande Valley area playing all over!  We got to meet some great people and some very talented families and individuals.  Lots of fun, but also lots of work.  That's why we're just now getting to add to this page - we've been trying to catch up! Hope to see some of y'all at one of our shows!

September 14, 2010
We have just learned we have been played on KEOS 89.1 FM radio station in Bryan/College Station, Texas!  Yeah!  One day maybe we will hear ourselves on the radio!  Hope our fans will hear us on the radio as well!

March 18, 2010
We were very saddened to learn of Johnnie High's death on March 17.  He has been a huge part in many artist's lives, including ours, and he will be greatly missed.  Our prayers and thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

January 9, 2010
Wow!  Saying 2010 sounds so futuristic!  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.  We enjoyed some time off spent with family and are ready to get back into the swing of things.  We have had a stressful last six weeks as I lost my Grandmother shortly after Thanksgiving and last week one of our dogs passed away.  It will be good to get back to something resembling "normal". We hope to see some of our fans at some of our upcoming shows! 

April 26, 2009
Big River is over and it's always sad when a great production is done but we all have to move on.  I made some great new friends and hope to keep in touch with them as time goes on.  It will be good to get back to my normal (if you can call what we do normal!) routine but I'll miss all the wonderful people from Big River!  

April 17, 2009
Well, tonight is opening night at The Theatre Company for Big River.  The rehearsals have gone much smoother and the Preview performance last night was awesome!  Hope some of you can come see the play - it's GREAT! 

March 17, 2009
Wow!  I have been asked to play mandolin as part of the orchestra for The Theatre Company's production of Big River in Bryan, Texas.  It is the story of Huckleberry Finn and has some great music!  The msuicians that play in the orchestra are very talented and it will be a pleasure to perform with them.   Please check the Where We're Goin' page for times and dates of the performances of Big River. 

February 22, 2009
We have just returned from an incredible week at the Rio Grande Valley Music Festival in Mercedes, Texas!  WOW!  That was tons of fun and we got to have a good friend and upright bass player, Jason, with us!  We are tired but have met lots of great people and hopefully gathered a few new fans! 

September 22, 2008
Well, we survived Hurricane Ike with minimal damage but know many people who suffered an array of major damage.  My Grandmother still doesn't have power and is staying with us until her power is on.  Our prayers are with all those and their families who did suffer damage. 

August 2, 2008
Oh my gosh!  We were played on the air on the Notably Texan  show on KETR 88.9 radio station in Commerce, Texas!  TWICE! They have the show on Saturday nights and our music was played on July 26 and August 2!  The host of the show has asked for more songs!  YEAH!  We are SO excited!

July 13, 2008
We got news from one of the many stations we submitted a track from our CD to.  They will play our song on their "Inspirational Time" on July 20.  Unfortunately, we don't know the exact time but the station is KATX FM 97.7 out of Eastland, Texas.  Hope some of you will be able to hear it!

June 13, 2008
The Fresh Hay CD is FINALLY here!  Go to the Merchandise page for ordering details or come see us at one of the venues we will be at! 

May 23, 2008
The CD has been sent to the duplicators!  This means all the mixing, mastering, & graphics are completed!  It also means the CD is almost here - literally!  Thanks to all of you who have been so patient with the wait and we really hope you will enjoy the final product.  

May 1, 2008
Mom has begun to get the Merchandise page ready for the release of our first CD - Fresh Hay.  We are very excited about its release and it should be ready early this summer.  Be sure to keep checking back to see when it is released.  

April 23, 2008
Update on the CD!  It is in its final mixing stage and soon we will have a copy to listen to and approve.  Once this is done it will be off to the duplicators and - voila! it will be available for purchase!  Hopefully your wait will not be too much longer.  Thanks for being so patient!

March 2, 2008
For those of you not from Texas, today is Texas Independence Day - we won our independence from Mexico.  We had the privilege to play in a very unique setting - a small town (and I do mean small) had a celebration for Texas Independence Day.  The town is named The Grove, Texas and the entire town is a museum!  We will have some pictures of it on the website.  To top it all off the entire town is for sale! What an experience!  

February 19, 2008
We got the first mix of the CD with our vocals and instruments - it sounds great.  However, we are listening for anything that we may need to change or redo.  Our fans deserve it to be as close to perfect as we can get it!  I can't believe it is so close to being ready!  We have to get our graphics ready for the CD soon!  We are working on it. 

February 5, 2008
The last few days we were in the studio recording the vocals and our instruments for the CD.  We have finished our parts -  unless we have to redo something - so now it is up to Jason (the producer) to mix it and see what it sounds like.  It will be a few weeks before we get to hear it to approve it or work more on it.  We will keep everyone updated on our progress so check back often! 

January 14, 2008
Well, we had our first session in the recording studio and WOW!  We worked on five songs today and will go back on the 16th to work on the other five songs.  They are sounding great!  We are very excited and can't wait to get it ready for everyone to hear! Stay tuned!

December 18, 2007
Well, here it is, almost Christmas and I wanted to wish all of you a very blessed and Merry 
Christmas as well as a Happy New Year!  In January we will begin working at R/R Studios in Lake Jackson, Texas to record the long awaited CD.  It will take a while so please continue to be patient!  It has taken so long for the "change" of my voice to complete and now it seems it is done (or at least pretty close); which means now we can record the CD and not have to worry about re-recording songs after my voice changes further! 

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