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These are some of the cool people I got to meet through my travels -  John Mark Davis.
This is us sharing a good time after the show with Steve Hall at the Llano Opry.  Shotgun Red had already been put to bed for the night to get his beauty sleep. 
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These are the guys that are making our first album (Fresh Hay - 2008) possible.  Talk about awesome musicians!  We can't wait for y'all to hear how it sounds! The steel guitarist, Jody Cameron, layed his part down separately so we don't have a picture of him.
Here my Dad and I are recording vocals for the Fresh Hay CD.  It was lots of work but REALLY cool!  We (all 3 of us) did instruments after this.  

This is the new (August, 2016) official "band" picture!  Photo taken by Chari Hildebrand at the National Country Music Association Music Festival in LeMars, IA.
National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, IA - Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2012
Tony Booth and me having a good time at Alvin Opry.
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We had a great time at the Llano Opry in August performing on the same show as Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius.  They are very nice people by the way.  What talent they have!
YES, that is THE Michael Martin Murphy!  We (Jacob, David, me, and a dear friend, Margie) got to meet him when we were at the 2012 National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, IA.  What a treat!
These are pictures of us receiving our award for the 2012 Best Traditional Gospel CD of the Year from the Rural Roots Music Association (Bob Everhart - MC) for our new "Renewed" CD.  What an honor!
Jacob was honored to be invited to play mandolin with Terry Smith on several occasions through out the festival - here is a picture of one of those times! 
Below is a picture of one of the "impromptu" jams under the trees in LeMars in 2012.  Wherever a group of us got together we jammed - didn't matter the time of day!  Jacob is wearing the leaf hat.
This is us at the Orange Blossom Opry in Florida in March 2013.  Had a blast!
Just a jammin' in Mountain View, AR in October 2012.  Can't wait to go  back!  
This is where Jacob fell in love with his dulcimer - The Dulcimer Shoppe, Mountain View, AR  - October 2012.
Look who I got to meet!  RICKY SKAGGS!  And he signed my mandolins!  September 29, 2013
The newest addition to my mandolin family, born January 2015!  A cigar box mandolin that has a unique sound to it.  The neck is from a former Ovation mandolin. I can't wait to take it on tour!  
Our costumes for the Theatre Company's production of "Big River" in Bryan, TX - May 2017.  Photo by Alan Bryant.