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April 19, 2011
    "Y'all did such a great job at both Copperas Cove and Burnet.  I enjoy you more each time I hear you all.
    Their voices blend so well and Dave has a great way with the harmony.  He and Jacob have a good thing going there.   Haven't heard such good yodeling in a long, long time.  Keep up the wonderful music, Jacob. 
    The autoharp fascinates me.  For only a three-piece group, you have a much bigger sound.  By far, the best part of the Burnet program." 
                                                                            Betty Poe  

March 19, 2011
"Your performance on last Thursday night in Corpus was one of the best we have seen. Hope to see you again at the South Texas Opry."  Rose

June 22, 2010
Y'all kicked butt last night in La Grange. I wish y'all could have done more songs. We were blessed to hear y'all. - Texas Cannoneer

The Fayette County Record June 15, 2010
Jacob Austin Headlines County Opry  

The Fayette County Country Music Club will host their monthly Opry on Monday, June 21 at the KC Hall in La Grange.
The show starts at 7:30 p.m.. and the doors will open at 5:30 p.m.. Admission is only $5.. The Opry is hosting its first gospel show and they promise that the music will be good gospel music.
Headlining the guest list is Jacob Austin who is 21. This young man has been singing for more than half his life. Austin performs with his father David Austin, who was in a band back in the old days, and he plays the 12 and six-string rhythm guitars.
Austin and his Dad sing at Jamborees, Opry's, churches and Jubilees around Texas. He picked up playing the mandolin and the harmonica to form a duet and accompany himself.
Then they recruited Mama Liz to join them on stage playing the autoharp in the summer of 2006 and they love to play traditional country, ballads and the spiritual/traditional gospel music, as well as some of their original material.
In June 2008 the group released their first CD and Austin is currently writing and co-writing with his dad and mom for the next CD. 

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

‘Fresh Hay’  CD a family affair
Eagle Staff Writer
Bryan/College Station, Texas

Jacob Austin isn't the first teen to aspire to play in a band. Not many of his peers, however, can say they've fronted a group named after themselves. 

With the release this summer of his debut album, Fresh Hay, the 19-year-old Anderson resident is hoping to transform his childhood dream into a career. 

"There's a lot of people out there with less talent than some of these younger artists," Austin said during a recent talk with Spotlight, explaining that it's tough as a young musician to compete with those who have been in the business longer. "The artists are having a hard time getting out there. 

"My strategy is to be so different that people will listen to it, and they'll like it, mostly because it's different." 

His group, The Jacob Austin band, is a family affair. The teen takes center stage on vocals and the mandolin, while his father, David Austin, sings some harmony and plays the guitar. His mother, Liz Austin, recently joined the family onstage as well, rounding out their unique sound with a 36-stringed autoharp. 

"We're not truly a bluegrass band. We're not truly straight country and not truly straight gospel," Liz Austin explained of the band's sound. "We're kind of a mixture of several genres." 

But that's their goal, added David Austin, describing the sound as "gospel-grass." By not fitting perfectly into any single genre, they're making the music accessible to more people, he explained. In the end, however, they're still country, and Fresh Hay boasts several examples of mixing country with a little rock. 

Jacob Austin, who started singing along to Barney on TV at the age of 3, first wowed his parents by identifying the keys of songs he heard on the radio. He started taking voice lessons around the age of 10 and joined Brazos Valley TROUPE about the same time. 

TROUPE gave the young performer his first venue and, eventually, his first solo: a portion of the Schoolhouse Rock Preamble. From then on, he was hooked. While other kids practiced 12 or less hours a week, Jacob Austin clocked in nearly 40 on several occasions. 

"I was very surprised and happy that he took the time to polish his delivery and his songs to that degree," David Austin said, explaining that the effort showed when his son was on stage. "It was just totally different from the other kids, because the other kids didn't get the face-time with the song, so to speak." 

When Jacob Austin's voice started changing, he asked his father, who played guitar in several garage bands during the 1960s, to accompany him. The live accompaniment could offer greater flexibility of keys than the karaoke-style singing of TROUPE, the family figured. The Jacob Austin Band was born. 

Jacob Austin's now-fully-developed bass flows unassumingly off the tracks of Fresh Hay, which can be ordered at www.jacob-austin.net. 

Both Austin men authored lyrics and music for the self-released CD, and lyrics include everything from the death of a loved one to a shortage of picante sauce. 

"We have always adhered to the thought that the music that you put forth and you write should reflect moral values instead of abnormal values," David Austin said. "We've tried to make ... more of a wholesome pattern for kids to follow. 

"I think that's what a lot of kids are missing out on. They don't hear reinforcement of those values in the music that they listen to. In that manner, I think the Jacob Austin Band is trying to bridge that gap and say, 'Hey, don't forget about this stuff. It's important.'" 

With performances lined up on weekends (their next one is Saturday at the Jacinto City Opry), the Jacob Austin Band practices up to one-and-a-half hours each night after David Austin gets home from work. The group spends most of their family time playing music. 

While Jacob Austin hopes to graduate high school through home schooling and attend college -- possibly through online computer science classes -- he's just taking everything as it comes for now. 

"I have two major passions, and that's computers and music. I'm having fun with each one. I'm happy that way," he said. "I think about how lucky I am to have done all this stuff and to be doing all this stuff, because there's a lot of people my age that would really love to do [what] I'm doing. 

"It makes me happy when I think about it -- that I'm actually doing that stuff for real."

June 7, 2008
"I can't believe that big voice came out of this young man.  What a surprise!" - A new fan

May 6, 2008
"When you (Jacob) sing the Star Spangled Banner I can hear you all the way on the steps of the church from the Park and it just thrills my soul!" - Pearl Steinkuehler 

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"One of our most popular acts is going to be with us October 13th, that's a Friday, of course, but we don't expect any bad luck, simply because the act that will be featured is none other than the Jacob Austin Band from Texas.  This is a remarkable group built around Jacob himself.  He's a prodigal on the mandolin, and plays a stunning array of incredible musical styles and production.  The end result is simply a terrific presentation of wonderful 'live' music on acoustic instruments."
                                                                        Bob & Sheila Everhart
                                                                        The Anita Tribune

"One of the things I love about a gig in the pit is meeting and working with some of the most incredible musicians around town. This man plays the mandolin like nobody's business! His band, The Jacob Austin Band, will be playing pre-show music for Big River and I couldn't be more excited to clap along and listen to him do his thing!"

"It's really Jacob Austin & his band that are terrific.....He's a young man that is very musically gifted, playing guitar, mandolin, & dulcimer equally well...His music is more old time than it is new country.  He reaches back in his musical knowledge to perform some of the most popular songs ever sung in America....and gospel music is also high on his list of songs to sing."                                                                        Sheila Everhart
                                                                                 The Anita Tribune

"Very enjoyable listening especially for my special needs daughter! She's been singing the hymn continously after listening to you all.That's a miracle since she seldom speaks or sings! God's light shines in your voices." 

"Seen you perform at the Fun n Sun Gospelfest the other day/night. Nice show"

"Just wanted to drop you guys a line & tell you how much we enjoyed picking' with you in Mountain View."                                   Nancy & Chuck

"What a fabulous voice!  Enjoyed the family band & hope to hear you again."

"Your rendition of The Love of God is by far the BEST! Thank you & may God Bless you all!"                                                    Barbara

"WOW! What a great show at Snowbird South Park.  Really enjoyed your music - AWESOME!  Good job Jacob - thanks again for a wonderful evening of wonderful music."                                                    Faye

"You were awesome! Really lifted me to see the love & devotion in your performance.  You people really love the Lord & each other."          Jo

"My husband & I were at Jimmy Driftwood Barn last year & really enjoyed your performance... Got your gospel CD & my favorites on it are #1 The Love of God, #2 On My Father's Side, #3 The Unclouded Day, #4 Jesus Loves Me..."
                                                                                          Barbara C.

    "Oh, I am on "Cloud Nine" - I am sooo thankful that we could make the connection.
    Your Band is just "awesome" - your sound qualities-voice and instrumental, your personalities, and the love the three of you show and share as you perform. We just have a full host of the most positive feedback ever coming in on an event here at Rock Crusher.
    What words can I use to express our gratitude and appreciation for all you shared, it was all tremendous and so greatly appreciated.
    Now what can I/We do to let other resorts, churches know. I/We will definitely be working on that, but now just keep in mind when you schedule gets full in Florida, please--always keep a place for Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park.
    My husband, Mr. Accountant, did the Math - a 400% increase in attendance for a concert, an event at the resort, and a accolades for you are coming in --like never, ever, ever before.
Peace and ALL Good Wishes. "                                   Judy, and Larry too.


 "Caught your show on Jan 23 in Donna TX it was the best I've seen the valley! Thanks for the great time."                                            Marv Patton 

"Hello Jacob and Band, We met you at the Le Mars Festival this summer and we got one of your new cds. We just had to tell you how much we enjoy listening to it! We listen to it every time we get in the car (which is practically everyday) and our favorite song is He's the Wheel, No, it's Giddy up Mule, but then we really really like On my Father's Side and The People and their Steeple and... well ok we love them all! You did a fantastic job, keep up the good work! It was a pleasure meeting you and we pray God will bless you in your music ministry! God bless."                                        The Richards Family 

From the Rural Roots Music Commission - an affiliation with the National Traditional Country Music Association - June 1, 2012

Hello Jacob:

As President of the National Traditional Country music Association, and a contributor to the Rural Roots Music Commission, one of the best parts of my job is informing deserving individuals that they have been selected to receive the RRMC's CD Awards of the Year.  You have been selected for "Traditional Gospel CD of the Year" for your CD "Unplugged-Renewed."

The Rural Roots Commission is made up of several  like-minded individuals that listen to CD's I have reviewed in Tradition Magazine.  Keeping an open mind, and looking for the elements that have always been identifiable as traditional, or classic, "country-bluegrass-folk-gospel music," the Commission selects those CD's they find outstanding, well-recorded, well mixed, well played, well sung, well written, well balanced, and well presented.  This is not a competition, it is merely a way to acknowledge gifted contributions to our world of music that is no longer in the public eye, certainly not on the "country" charts.

Our congratulation to you on winning this recognition.


Unplugged - Renewed
The Unclouded Day - The People and Their Steeple - The Love of God - On My Father's Side - Angel Band - He's the Wheel - Jesus Loves Me - The Wayfaring Stranger - Gitty Up Mule - If I Had Known - Down to the River to Pray - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Wow, I was so pleased to be able to hear this Texas group at the LeMars Festival last year, young tall and lanky Jacob Austin has a terrific voice, as well as playing a terrific mandolin. His leads are just right, and rightly just. He also has one original song on this CD, "The People and Their Steeple" which is a great story about Christian struggle and redemption. But, some of the very best old time traditional gospel songs are also on this terrific project. If you like traditional country you'll love this CD. If you love bluegrass without a strong banjo you will love this CD. Jacob is a great singer, he sings like he means every word he is singing. But there's much more here. The band itself has a renewed vigor. They added a bass by friend Randy Powell, who puts a really nice 'bottom' in the project. That puts Jacob on the mandolin at the top, Randy at the bottom in sound, dad on the 12-string guitar in the middle, and mom on the autoharp in the middle. That's genius at work, and it comes out simply beautiful. The Austins go to church at the little Anderson Baptist, and there's a totally beautiful drawing of a small church inside the CD flyer. It was sketched by Terry Holliday Giltner, and it's a great piece of work. For my ear, this is the perfect traditional acoustic sound that makes old-time gospel music sound so good. Some really nice up-tempo songs to get into too. No pretensions, none necessary. No outlandish production, none necessary. No egotistical emoting, none necessary. I'd recommend this CD to anyone that is looking for a 'new' message from Jesus, a 'fun' message from Jesus, and certainly a 'serious' message from Jesus. I'm a great fan of "OBrother Where Art Thou" so to hear "Angel Band" done in Jacob's style was a real treat, already one of my favorites. One thing is sure, we will have a stage at the 37th National Old Time Country Festival in LeMars, Iowa, with Jacob Austin's name on it. More information about that at www.ntcma.net. I also sit on the selection board for the Rural Roots Music Commission, who select CD's of the year for the Upper Midwest. This one will have a hard time not getting selected, especially for 'Traditional Gospel of the Year." I hope I'm not wrong about that, but my history with this fine group of people who volunteer for the Rural Roots group think pretty much the same as I do. It's still a long ways off for festival time, but I'm putting my 'bet' on this one. I like this album so much I had to listen to it a couple of times just to pick some favorites. Second favorite would have to be the traditional "Wayfaring Stranger." Mom and dad add some nice harmony on this one. Can't wait til festival time, last year they opened for Jim Ed Brown.